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Digital Transformation: Improve Agility, Propel Operational Excellence, and Gain Strategic Advantage

Digital transformation is a strategic realignment of resources or new investments in technology and business models to make design, production, distribution, marketing, sales & customer service processes agile and personalized to customer needs and market shifts.

While technologies have created tremendous opportunities for business growth and innovation, digital transformation is more than technology investments. To truly take advantage of opportunities and respond to challenges it also requires shifts in activities, processes, and competencies. Optimized Solutions is a global leader in digital transformation solutions that modernize businesses into agile and adaptive organizations ready to compete in the future.

Optimized offers digital transformation capabilities in the following areas:

Connected Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is the proactive approach to solving existing and future problems via an open and accelerated Infrastructure that allows solutions to be implemented quickly and seamlessly.

Smart Cities

There are as many different meanings to Smart City as there are cities, but at the end of the day it’s about two things: quality of life and sustainability. The key to forging ahead is using generated data and turning it into actionable insights that make cities efficient, safe, and stable.

Connected Retail

Changing customer behavior and increased competition is forcing retailers to redesign their customer experience, both online and in-store. Connected retail makes it possible to create a true omnichannel shopping experience, improve operations, and optimize the supply chain.

OS Center of Excellence for Mobility: Experience the Power of Mobility, First Hand

We are in the post laptop era and mobility is the need of the day. Desktops & laptops are getting replaced by mobile smart devices for online shopping, banking, and other online activities. The field sales team and executives are moving towards tablets to stay connected. The growth of smart phones and tablets has led to an increased demand for access to business data and processes for executives and end users on the go.

Optimized Solutions is your partner of choice in implementing SAP Fiori, a user experience (UX) platform with mobile-first framework that includes a collection of 500+ apps representing the new SAP user experience paradigm and supporting lines of business like HR, finance, manufacturing, sales, and procurement. Our Center of Excellence for Mobility provides clients with 4 key stages for a mobile mindset:


This is where we design your mobile UX strategy and infrastructure framework based on Fiori’s design philosophy.


Once we design your mobile strategy, we help you develop apps from the Fiori collection of 500+ apps, develop UI frameworks, provide platform & security solutions and enable systems integrations.


From functionality and performance testing to ensuring smooth and frictionless functioning of apps, we validate the Fiori suite of solutions and services for optimal UX.


Once validated by thorough functional and performance testing, the apps are deployed for use across the enterprise & beyond.

Business Intelligence to Make Informed Decisions with Strategic Impact

One of the main challenges faced by IT departments is to address the huge demands of business intelligence (BI) capabilities in an organization. SAP Business Objects BI solutions simplify data manipulation, allowing users to access, navigate, analyze, format, and share information across a corporate environment.

Optimized Solutions has the competence to support your BI needs including consulting and implementing:

– BI strategic principles, policies, and guidelines
– BI deployment strategies
– BI and analytic industry trends and best practices
– BI Maturity Model considerations for the organization
– BI Boot camps to teach components, best practices, and strategies
– BW and Business Objects (BOBJ) fast start programs to expedite the learning process

Optimized Solutions is your partner of choice in implementing SAP Fiori, a user experience (UX) platform with mobile-first framework that includes a collection of 500+ apps representing the new SAP user experience paradigm and supporting lines of business like HR, finance, manufacturing, sales, and procurement. Our Center of Excellence for Mobility provides clients with 4 key stages for a mobile mindset:

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time analytics consists of dynamic analysis and reporting based on data entered into a system less than one minute before the actual time of use.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Risk is unavoidable, but it can be managed. With governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), businesses can strategically balance risk and opportunities.

Mobile Analytics

For the executive on the go, we create mobile BI dashboards on iPad, tablets, and other mobile devices.

In-Memory Computing Power for Strategic Advantage

For enterprises, survival depends on being able to mine, understand, and utilize unprecedented amounts of data. However, the variety, volume, and velocity of enterprise data, coupled with shifts in enterprise data management technologies, has left many business executives overwhelmed.
How do you transition from traditional data management solutions to powerful in-memory solutions that can help you process staggering amounts of data at lightning fast speed for real-time insights? Optimized Solutions helps you navigate the complex landscape of data management & BI solutions with end-to-end solutions expertise in SAP S/4 HANA Business Suite.
Written natively for the powerful in-memory SAP HANA platform, SAP S/4HANA is an entirely new generation of SAP Business Suite that is characterized by simplifications, massively increased efficiency, and compelling features such as planning and simulation options in many conventional transactions.
Our SAP S/4 HANA expertise spans the complete spectrum from analysis & strategy to maintenance & support.


We assess your enterprise need from a HANA-fit perspective to identify opportunities for improvement. We help determine use cases, success parameters, pilots, and budgets, and help develop HANA roadmap and high-level project plans.


We use ASAP implementation methodology, certified resources, and project management capabilities and tools to get you started on the right foot. We also provide upgrade value assessment, budgets, enhancement pack upgrades, security enhancements and more.


Our SAP HANA Migration Services include BW & Suite on HANA and S/4 HANA. We help identify deployment options and typical customer use cases, create a business values driven SAP HANA roadmap and strategy, and provide HANA integration with SAP and non-SAP systems.

Maintenance & Support

We provide predictive maintenance & support including maintenance services for SAP applications and resolution of customer queries in the fastest possible time. To suit your unique needs, choose from three different support service levels.

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About Optimized Solutions

Optimized Solutions International is a world-class professional services organization providing business enterprise solutions to clients for over 20 years. A pioneer in applying innovative, technology-based solutions to common business problems, Optimized Solutions is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with offices in Boston & India.

Our industry-leading enterprise solutions expertise has been helping Fortune 1000 businesses gain faster ROI, reduce total cost of system ownership, and drive precisely the competitive advantage that technology must deliver.

Specializing in digital transformation solutions, business enterprise solutions, business intelligence & analytics, and user experience, we have a successful engagement model to work with our customers as their virtual extension.Utilizing these technologies, we help organizations gain competitive advantage, reduce costs, ensure system stability, and improve efficiency. With a global headquarters at Chicago, USA, we have strategically positioned our growth through organic and inorganic strategies to closely relate to our Stakeholder’s objectives and goals to take our organization forward more.

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Global leaders in digital transformation & business enterprise solutions



Successful digitalization initiatives around the globe



Single window partner from concept to roll out to management for all digitalization solutions



Business consulting, implementation & managed services capabilities and an industry leading ecosystem of partners



40+ customers from startups to Fortune 500



350+ employees; onsite, near shore and offshore delivery & support capabilities

Hybrid Ecosystem

Combination of “hot” data analytics on in-memory platforms, such as SAP HANA with Hadoop Platform as a data Exploration, data extension, data staging & archiving platform.



Optimized Solutions


Connected Manufacturing Intelligence

A monthly podcast series on Top
Manufacturing Use Cases & Strategies for
Digital Transformation

Accelerated Architecture for Manufacturing Intelligence (AMI)

Works with your Existing Systems. DX Proof of Concept in Weeks, Not months. Plug n’ Play

The Manufacturing Sector is at the cusp of this revolution. Unprecedented amounts of data give us the ability to see new, to see better, and to see different. But so much data can be overwhelming if not properly collected, analyzed, and understood.

The key to forging ahead is to change the vast amounts of big data into actionable, focused insights that can be interpreted and used in decision making. Instead of being slowed down or misdirected by data, use it to build solutions that are on time, in perfect condition, and benefit all stakeholders, from consumers to product teams all the way up the executives.
There are two main challenges to putting this data to use: data source incompatibility and cost & time requirements.

Introducing AMI. Our advanced solution works with your existing systems and allows for rapid DX proof of concept in weeks, not months.



Plug n’ Play Modules

With plug and play features in our tried & tested digital catalog, such as datasets, visual analytics, algorithms, apps, standards, and custom tools, we can tailor a solution for your organization at a very rapid pace.



Cost & Time Effective

For a fraction of the cost than available solutions, you get an easy to use virtual iTunes for Manufacturing Digitization that includes ready to use Modules that are just a click away.



Connected Intelligence

Powered by bespoke and industry name systems, AMI creates powerful IoT connectivity, data integration & curation, powerful processing, real time analytics & data visualization in a safe & robust environment.

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AMI makes it possible for the shop floor and the top floor to share intelligence for more strategic decision making. From Demand Driven Production Scheduling (DDPS) and Good Receipt (GR) Automation for SAP customers to Supply Chain Management & Purchasing, Connceted Logistics & Transportation, Predictive Asset Maintenance & more, AMI provides the speed and power for strategic decision making.





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