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SAP Fiori is a User Experience Platform with Mobile-First framework and is a collection of 500+ Apps representing the new SAP user experience paradigm and supporting lines of business like HR, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, and Procurement.
Top drivers for UX strategy

  • Enhance User Experience/Improve User Adoption
  • Improved Productivity
  • Consolidate Clients (One UI)
  • Improve User Mobility (desktop / laptops, tablets & smart phone)
  • Reduce Support Cost/Complexity
  • Strategic IT Direction (standardization, globalization, etc.)
  • Budget, Justification and\or Cost vs Benefit Trade-Off
  • Product Maturity Concern (internal knowledge, bugs, third party support, etc.)

When to Consider

  • Leverage an existing app quickly either by utilizing the standard or by enhancing
  • Quickly create an app from the scratch
  • Online access is sufficient
  • Would like to avoid app submission and deployment process
  • No complex/heavier use cases
  • Light weight data processing needs
  • Faster ROI
  • Responsive

Achieve your enterprise mobility goals much quicker – with expert Mobility consulting from Optimized Solutions Technology Group. Our mobile teams can help you:

  • Determine impact of mobility at your enterprise vertically and horizontally
  • Determine use cases for deploying mobile solutions
  • Define mobile roadmap & strategy and prepare for implementation
  • Design & Develop business-centric & user centric mobile apps that meet your unique business requirements
  • Deploy mobile apps across the organization
  • Define a change management strategy and help train the business teams with a train the trainer strategy
  • Manage the mobile infrastructure and support the applications throughout the app life   cycle.

We are in the post PC/Desktop/Laptop era and Mobility is the need of the day & future for the enterprises to sustain and grow in this highly competitive era. Per one of the recent surveys, about 90% people of the world or using mobiles now.

The Desktops& Laptops are getting replaced by mobiles/tablets for online shopping, banking and other online activities. The field sales team and executives are moving towards Tablets from Laptops. The growth of Mobile smart phones and tablets has led to an increased demand for access to business data and processes from wherever and whenever required.

We, at Optimized Solutions’s Center of Excellence for Mobility, enable the companies to experience the power of Mobility first in hand.

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