Accelerated Architecture for Manufacturing Intelligence (AMI)

Usher in digital transformation with AMI: a Cyber Physical IIoT, Data Management, and Analytics Platform
that provides quick, easy & predictable information by bringing together disparate source systems into one robust & reliable solution that provides seamless and precise predictive intelligence for a truly customized production environment.

You get a virtual “iTunes for Manufacturing Digitization” that includes ready to use modules from our Digital Catalog which are surprisingly cost and time effective.

Digital Transformation Creates New Ways of Operating & Growing Business

The times have changed and business as usual is no longer sufficient. Survival of the fittest has always depended on being able to not only respond to change, but to also be the creator of change. With the advent of the connected era, digitalization, mobile technologies, disruption, and automation have become the cornerstones that drive business performance. These technologies have created tremendous opportunities for business growth and innovation.

However, digital transformation is more than just technology investments. Coupling disruptive technologies with organizational, operational, and business model innovation is what makes organizations competitive and poised for success. It requires a shift in activities, processes, and competencies to truly take advantage of the opportunities and respond to challenges.

At the same time, at its core, digital transformation rests in tapping the data from within the systems and converting it into meaningful insights. These insights allow for more informed decisions, and make it possible to identify opportunities for growth or efficiency improvements. A recent report found that 52% of manufacturers believed their business will not exist in its current form in 5 years’ time. That’s a telling stat, and one that demonstrates the importance of adapting to the new realities of the digital world.

Our digital transformation platform, Accelerated Architecture for Digital Transformation (ADT), transforms organizations by quickly validating, executing, and monetizing high value use cases. Our Ideate, Innovate, Monetize (IIM) process allows us to work rapidly through the three concentric circles of digital transformation:


CX Management

All digital transformation initiatives start from reimagining customer experience. It’s the foundation we build your journey around. Understand & improve customer sentiment, plan personalized production, and set effective personalized sales conversations.

Digitized Operations

Digitized Operations

Digitization of operations helps you personalize your process and better align your products & services to the needs of your consumer and the market. This is where we work with you to define product needs and align operations around them. From process digitization, to worker enablement, we are your partners in operations improvement.

Business Models

Business Process

Digital transformation is more than new technologies, it is about seeing new ways to do business. We help you define the new business model, understand how you are making money today and, anticipate how your business would be different in the digital economy.

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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is the ability to solve existing and future problems via an Open and Accelerated Infrastructure that allows solutions to be implemented at the speed of business while creating a Business Value

Smart Cities

There are as many different meanings to Smart City as there are cities, but at the end of the day it’s about two things: quality of life and sustainability. The key to forging ahead is using generated data and turning it into actionable insights that make cities efficient, safe, and stable.

Smart Cities

Optimized StripHOW WE DO IT

Our IIM process, Ideate, Innovate & Monetize, is fast and efficient. Eagerly waiting for post-mortem data reports is a thing of the past. When you have up to date information based on current data, you can make informed decisions for higher impact.

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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital revolution. Advanced automation, artificial intelligence & machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other technologies are all creating new opportunities for manufacturers. According to IDC, manufacturers spent $178 billion on IoT alone in 2016. These connected devices produce huge amounts of data that can be leveraged to improve agility, operational excellence, and strategic decision making.
Digital transformation is imperative for continued growth in this fast-moving environment. Drive disruption, enhance personalized production, and deliver a better consumer experience by bringing together physical, digital, and biological systems.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Manufacturers across verticals have leveraged AMI to improve their capabilities and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Click to see how they did it.

Success Stories


AMI is a revolutionary digital transformation product that enables manufacturers to use their data more effectively. Through advanced, plug n’ play modules that integrate with your existing systems, we make it possible to build a proof of concept & operationalize use cases in weeks, not months. Learn more.

Success Stories

Opportunity for Growth

Digital transformation opens up new opportunities to grow revenue and identify cost savings. Through increased visibility into all aspects of the production process, better sharing of information across the enterprise, and improved agility to respond to market and consumer pressure, manufacturers from all verticals can drive business growth. Learn more.









Accelerated Architecture for Manufacturing Intelligence (AMI)

Works with your Existing Systems. DX Proof of Concept in Weeks, Not months. Plug n’ Play

The Manufacturing Sector is at the cusp of this revolution. Unprecedented amounts of data give us the ability to see new, to see better, and to see different. But so much data can be overwhelming if not properly collected, analyzed, and understood.

The key to forging ahead is to change the vast amounts of big data into actionable, focused insights that can be interpreted and used in decision making. Instead of being slowed down or misdirected by data, use it to build solutions that are on time, in perfect condition, and benefit all stakeholders, from consumers to product teams all the way up the executives.
There are two main challenges to putting this data to use: data source incompatibility and cost & time requirements.

Introducing AMI. Our advanced solution works with your existing systems and allows for rapid DX proof of concept in weeks, not months.



Plug n’ Play Modules

With plug and play features in our tried & tested digital catalog, such as datasets, visual analytics, algorithms, apps, standards, and custom tools, we can tailor a solution for your organization at a very rapid pace.



Fast, efficient and Proven

Our ‘IIM’ process is fast and efficient. First we Ideate and collaboratively identify use cases. Next, we build Proof of Concept and resolve challenges quickly. Last, we Monetize so you can see time and cost savings.



Connected Intelligence

Powered by bespoke and industry name systems, AMI creates powerful IoT connectivity, data integration & curation, powerful processing, real time analytics & data visualization in a safe & robust environment.

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AMI makes it possible for the shop floor and the top floor to share intelligence for more strategic decision making. From Goods Receipt (GR) Automation for SAP customers to Supply Chain Management & Purchasing, Connected Logistics & Transportation, Predictive Asset Maintenance & more, AMI provides the speed and power for strategic decision making.

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