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Sam Reddy
Sam Reddy

Founder |  Chairman & Managing Director

Sam is the Founder, Executive Chairman & Managing Director of Optimized Solutions Inc. a Midwest based SAP Services Organization. Sam is responsible for managing the overall Strategy and Operations of the company.

Sam has been a veteran in the US IT Services industry with more than 2 and half decades of experience in the North American Markets catering to Customer’s exigencies in their Business Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Services, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and User Experience domains. He has created a strong portfolio in Sales Management, Marketing, Implementation and Consulting Services.

Prior to Optimized Solutions, Sam was instrumental and the brain behind conceptualizing and commissioning Cyberworld Solutions Inc. a SAP Services organization in the mid-90s which went through a merger as a Inorganic growth initiative in the mid-2000s.

Sam’s vision has been to help customers with world class solutions to address the dynamic market changes and by working with them as their virtual extension.


Aravindan Umashankar

Chief Executive Officer

Aravindan has over 2 decades of leadership experience working with C Level executives to evaluate, assess & adopt technology solutions at their enterprises.  He has passionate zeal to simplify the underpinnings of technology, its influence and impact on various business constituents like strategy, productivity, profitability, processes & competitive advantage.

He has successfully executed business outcomes from the corporate echelons like  IBM, CA, HP, EMC and Satyam as well as inspired and motivated young entrepreneurs in the startup community with his consulting and strategic advice.

Inspiration from  18th Century  French Poet and Novelist & Charles Darwin epitomizes his view of the Idea of Industry 4.0 ushering a Digital  Age  –

  1.  “There is nothing more potent & powerful  than an Idea  whose time has come”
  2. “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent of the businesses that will survive the scale and velocity of change unleashed by the forces of  Digital Age but the agile and nimble footed corporations most open to Adapt, Embrace and Leverage the disruptions that will survive & succeed ”



Anil Naik

Anil Naik

Chief Technology Officer

Anil Naik comes with 3 decades of experience in Information Technology. He has been instrumental in providing a successful strategic technical direction to Optimized Solutions by developing, transforming and delivering complex software solutions and products. Anil comes with vast experience in the Embedded Systems and application Software Development. He has always been intrigued and energized by new technologies, and been successful in translating technically complex ideas to non-technical audiences. His ability to apply and manage new technologies while still focusing on the business aspects of delivering a quality-oriented final product is one of the key contributors to his success. Recognized as a leader in team development with a record of encouraging professional growth among developers and deepening teams’ technical knowledge base, his professional successes is complemented by strong educational background in Computer Software Technology.




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